BPI-M2+ android 4.4 source code download link

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BPI-M2+ android source code public

BPI-M2-Plus Android 4.4 Source code (SDK1.2)

###1 Build Android BSP $ cd lichee

$ ./build.sh config

Welcome to mkscript setup progress All available chips:

  1. sun8iw6p1
  2. sun8iw7p1
  3. sun8iw8p1
  4. sun9iw1p1

Choice: 1

All available platforms:

  1. android
  2. dragonboard
  3. linux

Choice: 1

###2 Build Android $cd …/android

$source build/envsetup.sh

$lunch //(dolphin_bpi_m2p-eng)


$make -j8


download link from google driver:


thank doctor lu share it.

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BPI-M2+(H3) Android Source
[BPI-M2+] New image: Android 4.4 (Version:V3)
BPI-M2+(H3) Android Source
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Hi BPI team Thanks for your public. Could you please give us a link of 百度网盘? Thanks again

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OK ,we will try to update to baidu :slight_smile: