Blinking screen on android

(Vladimir) #1

Good afternoon.

Board BPI-M2 Ultra. Using the utility PhoenixSuite recorded on the eMMC image of Android (BPI-M2U_M2B_Android_HDMI_V1). After turning on the image on the monitor flashes at a frequency of 1.5 - 2 seconds. Connecting to the monitor on HDMI.

How to solve this problem? (Linux with CD-card works fine)

(ZB) #2

Hello, Did you mean when you were using sd card, HDMI is fine? but when you were using emmc, HDMi will be flash ?

What is the brand of your Display, maybe I could do a test.

(Vladimir) #3

Hello. If I start with an SD-card Linux, then the monitor is working fine. If I start Android, the monitor flashes. Android starts with EMMC, I could not write to SD-Card (Foenix Card gives an error). Monitor BENQ BL2420-T. If you connect to a TV, the image is excellent.

(ZB) #4

I see,so Android image has some problems with monitor right?could you please tell me how do you connect monitor, HDMI, or HDMI to VGA?

I’ll do a test.

what did you do to wirte sd card when you use EMMC with android, you copy image from emmc to sd?

(Vladimir) #5

Good afternoon. The Android works with EMMC, there is no SD card. Phoenix Card taken on the site could not record any of the 5 cards. Tried volumes from 8 to 64 GB. Card reader built-in and external. Run the Android was possible by recording the image in the EMMC with the help of the program Phoenix Suite, taken on the same site. Website address:

(jacopo) #6

I have the same problem with my monitor. System installed in SD card output hdmi. the screen blink every 3/4 seconds

(Bananapi Korea by Geoptec, Inc ) #7

If you use a cheap and old monitor, I think it will go away. I had the same problem as well. I always tell my customers to use an old and cheap monitor.