BananaPi M1-M1P-R1 New Image : android and ubuntu sever Release 2018-07-28

(ZB) #1

This Release is for three boards BPI-M1,BPI-M1P,BPI-R1:

  1. About this release
  • BananaPi BPI-M1 Android 4.4 & Ubuntu Server 16.04 New Images Release
  • BananaPi BPI-M1P Ubuntu Server 16.04 New Images Release
  • BananaPi BPI-R1 Ubuntu Server 16.04 New Images Release

BPI-M1 Android 4.4 image

BPI-M1 Ubuntu Server16.04

BPI-M1P Ubuntu Server16.04

BPI-R1 Ubuntu Server16.04 image

2.BPI-M1 Features Map

3.BPI-M1P Features Map

4.BPI-R1 Features Map

BPI M1 Plus wifi not working with android
(The Limey) #2

This looks like exactly what I need. Thank-you! :sunglasses:

…what are the username and password though?

(ZB) #3

Hello, they are: Username: root Password: bananapi

(The Limey) #4

I tried all combinations of banana and bananapi, but didn’t think to try root user. :roll_eyes:

Thanks =)

(Shamim Hasan) #5

when will this support ov5640 camera module?

(Luca) #6

Hi there, I own a Bpi M1, downloaded and flashed the 2018-08-06-ubuntu-16.04-mate-desktop-preview-bpi-m1-sd-emmc.img image. When I boot it, the screen gets completely blank after the line “Starting Kernel”. So the board leds work and it appears that everything is running, while the screen (external monitor Samsung T23C350 connected via HDMI) is completely blank. Please help

(Luca) #7

Also [CTRL]+[ALT]+[F1] does not bring me to terminal, nor any other combination [F2], [F3], …

(ZB) #8

Hello, Please do this command in your debug console terminal:

bpi-bootsel /usr/lib/u-boot/bananapi/bpi-m1/u-boot-2018.01-bpi-m1-legacy-8k.img.gz

(Luca) #9

Jackzeng, please advise on how to enter the debug console terminal.

(ZB) #10

Hello, you can see here :

if you have any questions, please let me know.

(ZB) #11

Hello, Could you please try these commands to open camera?

  1. install gnome-mplayer
  2. echo “nolirc=yes” > .mplayer/config
  3. modprobe videobuf2_core
  4. modprobe videobuf2_memops
  5. modprobe videobuf2_vmalloc
  6. modprobe su4i_csi0
  7. mplayer tv:// -tv device/dev/video0