BananaPi BPI-M2Z(H2+) New Image Android4.4 Release 2018-07-09

(ZB) #1

BananaPi BPI-M2Z(H2+) New Image Android4.4 V1.1 Release 2018-07-09

1.About this release

  • This release is for banana pi M2Z board which is based on Allwinner H2+, and it is based on Android 4.4 operation system with kernel 3.4.

2.M2Z Android 4.4 Features Map

3.Image Links:

  1. HDMI-Version


(lvs) #2

This image doesn’t work. The Etcher SD Burn software says it hasn’t a recognizable boot partition.

Any tips?

(ZB) #3

Hello,Please use this PhoenixCard to burn Android image:

it’s the same way to burn image .

(lvs) #4

Stiil getting a problem:

(ZB) #5

This image is for BPI-ZERO, did you use this board? if yes, I think maybe your image was damaged, could you download it again?

(lvs) #6

Yes. My board is the BPI-Z.

I believe the image file is fine ( with 378Mb). Maybe the Android burn process using this Phoenix Card is the problem.

There is some other Android image that I can try on it and on BPI-Z?

I tested the linux images (Ubuntu and Armbian) both works fine. The problems I have till now were with Raspbian (wifi didin’t work) and Android doesn’t even boot my BPI-Z board.

(ZB) #7

For Raspbian you can use wpa_supplicant to enable wifi.

Please see here:

For Android, Did you try format your sd card before you burn the image?

(lvs) #8

Hi there. The problem really was the Phoenix Card Software. I followed the steps from and the burn process worked fine after the steps.

The problem now is the recognition of the mouse and the keyboard.

[BPI-M2+] New image: Android 7.0 (Version:V1)
(Alleiny Machado Sosa) #9

Hi. I am developing a project that involves the “banan pi m2 zero”. The project needs to use android as the operating system and in the banana pi zero devices that I own, it works quite well version 4.4 that you have published. However it is necessary for my project the use of google services (google play services) that in the version of android that you have published are not present. I have managed to install them without problem nevertheless to be able to use the services of the play services the device “banana pi m2 zero” must be registered (you can see the information in where they clearly inform of the problem. I would like to know if you have planned to certify pi m2 zero banana to be able to use google services. I think this topic is key to being able to use this wonderful board in my future projects.

(ZB) #10

Hello, BPI-Zero is a development board,if you want to use google service you could use Android ID to certify board.

and if you have a plan to do a product in your project, you could send email to

(Alleiny Machado Sosa) #11

Thank you. Another question, is there some way, configuration or something that allows the processor not to heat up so much. It’s weird because on this board everything gets pretty hot. the camera, the wifi chip and of course the processor.