BananaPi BPI-M2Z(H2+) New Image Android4.4 Release 2018-07-09

(ZB) #1

BananaPi BPI-M2Z(H2+) New Image Android4.4 V1.1 Release 2018-07-09

1.About this release

  • This release is for banana pi M2Z board which is based on Allwinner H2+, and it is based on Android 4.4 operation system with kernel 3.4.

2.M2Z Android 4.4 Features Map

3.Image Links:

  1. HDMI-Version


(lvs) #2

This image doesn’t work. The Etcher SD Burn software says it hasn’t a recognizable boot partition.

Any tips?

(ZB) #3

Hello,Please use this PhoenixCard to burn Android image:

it’s the same way to burn image .

(lvs) #4

Stiil getting a problem:

(ZB) #5

This image is for BPI-ZERO, did you use this board? if yes, I think maybe your image was damaged, could you download it again?

(lvs) #6

Yes. My board is the BPI-Z.

I believe the image file is fine ( with 378Mb). Maybe the Android burn process using this Phoenix Card is the problem.

There is some other Android image that I can try on it and on BPI-Z?

I tested the linux images (Ubuntu and Armbian) both works fine. The problems I have till now were with Raspbian (wifi didin’t work) and Android doesn’t even boot my BPI-Z board.

(ZB) #7

For Raspbian you can use wpa_supplicant to enable wifi.

Please see here:

For Android, Did you try format your sd card before you burn the image?

(lvs) #8

Hi there. The problem really was the Phoenix Card Software. I followed the steps from and the burn process worked fine after the steps.

The problem now is the recognition of the mouse and the keyboard.