Banana pi with ZTE , Huawei 3G 4G module project

(bpi team) #1

we have success customization a board support ZTE and Huawei 3G 4G module support.

so we have support 3G , 4G module for SIMCOM ,ZTE,HuaWei . and all module is on board . so it is easy to use banana pi to customization product.



This looks very interesting!

Could you please provide any more info on this? Connection type or other software needed?

Thank you!

(snafutzz) #3

The 3G module seems a miniPCIe module. This should probably mean that you connected it using USB+I2C.

USB is only available from connectors accessible from front USB host ports and rear usb OTG port, at least in BPi-M1+ and BPi-M1.

How did you connected miniPCIe module? Using an usb cable from such USB connectors?

Regards Snafutzz

(bpi team) #4

this is USB +GPIO control

all data transfer use USB port . and other control use GPIO , such as POWER control.

(snafutzz) #5


It would be great if at least a usb port could be available on a pin-header connector. This would allow using usb in a custom piggy-backed board.

Regards Snafutzz

(bpi team) #6

it is easy , ZTE and HuaWei have USB interface 3G/4G module. you can inset BPI USB port.

(snafutzz) #7

I was think something more stable than a cable plugged in a USB socket.

Like for other function PINs (i.e. UART, CAN, SPI, I2C) it would be great if an USB channel could be routed to a pin-header connector.


(bpi team) #8

so , it need to do a GPIO extend board for 3G/4G module. :smile: