Banana pi M4 2GB RAM version

(radek) #1

Can I expect on aliexpress store banana pi M4 with 2GB of RAM? 1GB RAM for linux is too small amount to run GUI. Or it should be 32 bit system

(bpi team) #2

just need update RAM , maybe we can do a version support 2GB . we just think about cost.

(radek) #3

I wont buy 1GB RAM - it is to small. Im interesting in 2GB. If cost will be 50-55USD iam happy.

(bpi team) #4

ok,we will think about it , and if we have 2GB version , price will less than 50 USD.:slight_smile:

(the_bao) #5

Make 4GB version too. Price will 55USD like Raspberry pi 4 :yum::yum:

(radek) #6

good idea !!! 4GB version for 55 USD. I will buy ! 1GB is useless. Think like Khadas and raspberry pi. Your M4 is not competitive

(radek) #7

Is there a chance to launch 2GB RAM version?

(bpi team) #8

yes ,we will do this .

(radek) #9

great news !!! please inform us on forum - hip hip hurray

(bpi team) #10

BPI-M4 2GB sample ready :slight_smile:

(radek) #11

great !!! good job !

(radek) #12

hello When will it be available on your aliexpress store?