Banana pi BPI-R2 Premium Aluminum Enclosure

BPI-R2 case 5

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Wow, neat! Do you perhaps have an update when this will be available on aliexpress or other channels?

yes, will instock soon .:slight_smile: , and will can buy sample from aliexpress soon.

When will it be available?

Is it possable to add a fan on the top?

Banana Pi BPI-R2 Arcylic case


Hi Frank-W,

just like you I stumbled across the powering a second disk with the power-outlet named “FAN”. On Sunday, I gave it a try, risqued an old HDD, and you know what? It worked! :slight_smile:

Still I don’t actually know what that four-pin power connector is supposed to be. Hmmmm … could it be that it has 2x GND plus 1x 5 Volts an 1x 12 Volts for a serious 3.5" Harddisk oder CDROM’s. Imagine that!!!

If that’s true, I’m going to put an SCSI-Controller into the pci-e Port and boot from Tape :smiley:

the 4-pin-connector:

Which os/kernel do you use with the fan-connector? I have no output-voltage in my test (did not try a hdd on it yet)

I used the standard Ubuntu image. When I put my meter on the pins I didn’t measure anything. So I had a cognac and decided to take the risk. And when I started the R2, the harddisks also started. Lucky me, didn’t burn the house :smiley:

Didn’t know the image you showed me, so indeed, this looks like a power-outlet for a 3.5" drive :wink: I do not need that right now, but it’s good to know.

i assume the output is a PWM-signal (for stepping down/up the fan) = alternating current. I’m not sure if it can be used securily for a hard-disk which may requires a stable direct current…

the image is taken/modified by me (measured the output using a multimeter), was only linked on german part of my Wiki, now also the english-page of “hardware” available

Well, the drive works stable since Sunday. But I will inform you immediately as soon as my wife cries “FIRE!!!” :smiley:

And I wonder if it is possible to use a floppy cable like this:

Maybe with a little carving :wink:

2 antenna! I found only one connector for antenna not 2!

You can use a separate wifi-pcie-card (like i do) then you need 2 antennas :slight_smile:

We are looking for a large quantity. Where can we buy a sample?.

Regards Prakash

you can contact

Hello Sinovoip,

2 questions :

1 - battery location ?

2- Where buy on aliexpress ? ( )

you mean hole for battery connector? It’s not working on bpi-r2 :frowning:

Is there a way to add a 2,5" sata drive to acryl case?

just Premium Aluminum Enclosure support sata hardisk inside now , but acryl case not support now ,but easy to do it .

Premium aluminium case - the problem hard disc is laying directly on metal - in my case this was probably the reason I lost two HDD’s

(they were working on other PC’s and after moving them to BPi both were crashed withing few days)

Is there anything to put between HDD and metal case?