Banana pi BPI-R2 Premium Aluminum Enclosure

(Thomas Linke) #21

Well, the drive works stable since Sunday. But I will inform you immediately as soon as my wife cries “FIRE!!!” :smiley:

And I wonder if it is possible to use a floppy cable like this:

Maybe with a little carving :wink:

(Benoit) #22

2 antenna! I found only one connector for antenna not 2!

(Frank W.) #23

You can use a separate wifi-pcie-card (like i do) then you need 2 antennas :slight_smile:

(Prakash Advani) #24

We are looking for a large quantity. Where can we buy a sample?.

Regards Prakash

(bpi team) #25

you can contact

(Xavier D.) #26

Hello Sinovoip,

2 questions :

1 - battery location ?

2- Where buy on aliexpress ? ( )

(Frank W.) #27

you mean hole for battery connector? It’s not working on bpi-r2 :frowning:

(Günter) #28

Is there a way to add a 2,5" sata drive to acryl case?

(bpi team) #29

just Premium Aluminum Enclosure support sata hardisk inside now , but acryl case not support now ,but easy to do it .