Banana PI BPI-M64 New Images :Android 6.0 & 7.0 & 8.1 Release 2018-10-24

(ZB) #1

BPI-M64 New Image Ubuntu16.04 & Android 6 Release 2018-09-18

BPI-M64 Android 6.0


BPI-M64 Android 7.0


BPI-M64 Android 8.1


1.About this release

  • This release is for banana pi M64 board which is based on Allwinner A64, We release three Images, Ubuntu 16.04 Desktop & Android is based on kernel 3.10.

2.M64 Android 6.0 HDMI & LCD7

  1. Features Map
  1. HDMI Version Image Links:
  1. LCD7 Version Image Links:

3.M64 Android 7.0 HDMI & LCD7

  1. Features Map
  1. HDMI Version Image Links:
  1. LCD7 Version Image Links:

4.M64 Android 8.1 HDMI & LCD7

  1. Features Map
  1. HDMI Version Image Links:
  1. LCD7 Version Image Links:


BPI-M64 Cooling
(jy.hwang) #2

Hello, I have some question about android versions for m64.

  1. Is there a link of source code for M64 android 8.1?(like
  2. In M64 Android 6.0 HDMI, how can I make it boot in 1080p(booing logo, and animation)? There is resolution transition during booing.


Junyoup Hwang

(ZB) #3

Hello,for android 8.1 code you could contact

yes, you could add your boot logo to bsp.

(jy.hwang) #4

My point is, when I add my 1080p booing logo into bsp, it operates in 720p. How can I set the bsp to 1080p? Which bsp source code do I have to use? Is there any guide page? I cannot find it.

(ZB) #5

which bsp code did you use?

you need to edit sys_config.fex, change “screen0_output_mode = 5” to “screen0_output_mode = 10”



(jy.hwang) #6

I tried it, but it still doesn’t work. (still boot in 720p) I’m using the bundle bsp of android source code of this page( If there is other bsp, plz let me know.(can I use the bsp source-code on bpi github? I think it is for Linux version)

Could you provide information about the process step by step? Followings are what I did.

  1. run “ config” under lichee folder. select sun50iw1p1, android, linux-3.10, bpi-m64-hdmi
  2. vi BPI-A64-Android/lichee/tools/pack/chips/sun50iw1p1/configs/bpi-m64-hdmi/sys_config.fex
  3. correct “screen0_output_type” to 3 and “screen0_output_mode” to 10 (you said “screen0_output_mode = 5” to “screen0_output_mode = 10”, but I guess it is mistake.)
  4. run “” under lichee folder
  5. configure & make under android folder
  6. pack -d under android folder

(ZB) #7

this is android 6.0, vi this file “./lichee/tools/pack/chips/sun50iw1p1/configs/bpi-m64-hdmi/sys_config.fex”

ok, mine screen_output_mode is 5, so after you changed it, it still no work?

if you need the other version, please contact

(jy.hwang) #8

Hello, I’m still digging it and accomplished partially. Changing “screen0_output_type” and “screen0_output_mode” values actually doesn’t work for mine.

By the way, I found another factor which is following of [boot_disp]. After I change “output_mode” of it to “10”, the booting process is set in 1080p.

However the bootanimation is not displayed correctly. Plz check the blow.

(I set the display mode to 1080p60 in Android Settings and run adb command ‘wm size 1920x1080’.)

How can I make it properly? The resolution of bootanimation image files are 1920x1080 and set the desc.txt infos correctly