Banana pi BPI-M3 octa-core development board

(lionwang) #3

very cool . bpi have a new forum

(hikalu) #4

Can you send me a sample? Awesome board. I am from China. I will use it for entertainment ARM PC. Will I be lucky enough to have this board?

(bpi team) #5

please asked sample at this link:

(Jiří Kaplan) #6

Dear BPi,

When will the M3 on sale, what will it cost?

Thank You. Jiri

(bpi team) #7

about 2015-11-15 ,we will in stock. will sale it 69 USD , 2G LPDDR3 and A83T cost,now is high.

(nakiel) #8

Some reasons to return the M3 to the shop:

  1. BPI-Android does not support Google Play Services (needed for Chromecast)
  2. BPI-Linux does not support HW-gfx; can’t even run Minecraft
  3. No good documentation what so ever
  4. No SW-updates
  5. Expensive

So… give me a single good reason to keep it…

(Jonathan Lindgren) #9

Everything comes down to community and support, if you are looking for specific features then you may have to compile Android or linux yourself and be a part of the community and I don’t think the M3 is that expensive, it’s a octa-core CPU and 2 GB DDR3 memory =)

(nakiel) #10

Since there will never be HW support for the PowerVR in *nix; and I am not building a robot - why bother…

The value of this card is limited to it’s ability to run Android! So… can you point me to the BPI-M3 Android SDK soure code?<

BTW: The Git resp. of the SDK for Banana Pro/Pi has gotten a DMCA takedown notice; this banana got a fishy smell…


You just started, a greenhorn ? Well, you can always hope, but if you want to understand fast, read this….

@nakiel, you are so right :+1:

(JRG) #12

Does the Debian Jessie image at (Beta GPU / YouTube Support) not support the GPU? The Readme says: support GPU PowerVR SGX544MP (glmark2-es2).



To get a feeling what you bought … spend 30min on reading - because this will save you hours. start here 10min :

I don’t know whether it works or not, but this one: Mate Image seems to be their newest. I would first try with this.

If you stil face troubles,try this 20min


(bpi team) #14

BPI-M3 ,have support GPU&1080P on 3.4 kernel .

(Azmi) #15


I would like to test the functionality & reliability of the board for open source firewall which equipped with open source firewall e.g. Pfsense and if successful i will promote to small business company for your their firewall system.

Also, I’m interested to develop automation in agriculture sector e.g. irrigation system.

Hope that you can support me. Thank you.

(mingkulee) #16

Where can I get the android 5.1 source code of M3 board…? let me know Thanks.

(bpi team) #17

Banana Pi M3: A quick look

(etyrnal) #18

QUESTION: I purchased an AC adapter for my bpi-m64, and bpi-m3 (couldn’t decide which one i wanted, so i bought both).

The adapter i bought says it’s output is 5VDC 3000ma.

When i MEASURE the output with a digital multimeter, i see 5.38VDC.

Is that voltage too high? Will it cause any harm? OR is it ok to use this kind of adapter?

(Hemanya Sharma) #19

it should work… as long it is givin atleast 2 amp.

(Hemanya Sharma) #20

its not so good : even more downsides are

  1. low support and compatibilty. and 32 bit octa

(etyrnal) #21

What specifically do you need 64-bit for on a development board? Even on the m64, isn’t it basically just the processor that’s 64-bit, and the rest of the system is 32-bit?

(Hemanya Sharma) #22

you dont get 64 bit perfomance even with m64 (they are traitors)