Banana Pi BPI-M2 Zero new image : Ubuntu 19.10 Eoan Ermine Kernel 5.3.5

Today i released an Image with Kernel 5.3.5 for testing. In case of anyone interested the 8GB Image is here:

This is not suitable for those who want to just install and fire a ready Desktop.

It is a bare minimum Image (CLI - Command line Interface) and for those who want to test the cutting edge of Ubuntu 19.10.

Feel free to test and I hope it works for you. Enjoy.

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thank you share this image.

Hello, can this be used in BPI P2 Zero ? I put the image on a SD card but it does not boot ? I desperately need 19.10 to run KEA with a Web Interface…


All I get is a blinking led, two times a second and a black screen.

it’s called heart-beat and it means kernel is up and running.

From there you have two choices:

  • give ENTER twice and type in ubuntu / ubuntu (user / password)
  • or use ssh to log in and do a dmesg to try to find about your screen Monitor

Update: Sometimes the screen enter a sleeping mode, pressing ENTER twice or just type in user and password awake the blank screen.