Any small 2.5" - 3.5" RGB LCD display for BPI-M64 (MIPI DSI / SPI)?


I just got me a BPI-M64 and was wondering if anyone know of a small (e.g. 320x240 / 480x320) RGB LCD that is preferable either working via a flexible flat cable connected to the MIPI DSI connector or via SPI? Or does someone know which driver/chip for such a screen is known to be working or available somewhere?

I know of the Winstar LCD 320x240, however that comes in form of a HAT which limits the possibility to put the screen on a different place. I also read about the 7" HDMI touch screen which is however way to big for my use case and I do not need necessarily a touch screen, not to mention that I would like to keep the HDMI free.

Further I don’t mind the OS even though I prefer Debian, Ubuntu or Raspbian, nor am I afraid of a bit of kernel hacking On the protocol level: armbian-config -> system -> hardware [ enable SPI I2C … or whatever you need ]. From there, you are on your own … you can find many use cases on forum.