2020-04-26: Armbian Bullseye Testing (kernel: 5.6.5-sunxi)- Preview/Test-image - Lamobo R1

Hello everybody!

Here’s my new image: Armbian Bullseye Testing. This is the current testing image of Armbian/Debian and the upcoming stable release. I hope you enjoy it! You can always report what works and doesn’t works. Tested one night and day.

Kernel: 5.6.5-sunxi

For board: Lamobo/Banana Pi R1

Credentials: pi/bananapi and root/bananapi

Website: www.mhog.nl

Download link



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Does your image supports LCD 7" display? I’m looking for solution for my issue http://forum.banana-pi.org/t/lcd-module-dsi-rgb-with-touch-and-s070swv20hg-dc16-lcd-panel-mainline-kernel/11172

Official Armbian + https://forum.armbian.com/topic/7233-bananapi-pro-7-touchlcd-with-debian-buster-and-mainline-kernel-5xxxx/

Thx. but i’ve tried this already - not working :(. I have Lamobo R1 so i guess that pin layout is different (and it is rgb not lvds)

Oh - and i use gentoo not armbian (but if you know armbian image that works with this LCD on Lamobo R1 let me know :wink: i will try to pick differences and maybe … i will put them into my gentoo :wink: )

R1 pin layout = identical to banana. Use Armbian.


To be fair: I don’t know. But you can try it. This is because I don’t have a LCD screen by myself. Please let me know if you’re willing to test it!

Thank you for your question!

Wish you nice day!


So i will give it a shoot :wink:

I’ve tried all possible combination with Armbian(i have docker build enviroment), for bananapi and lamobo-r1 with lvds and without it … nothing works. I think it is related to driver(simple-panel) this driver - according to modinfo - doesn’t have support for my panel. I have s070swv20hg-dc16 not s070wv20-ct16(which is supported by the driver).

Here is some more info: LCD module(DSI+RGB) with touch and S070SWV20HG-DC16 lcd panel + mainline kernel

Made some progress - u-boot is displayed on screen but linux doesn’t :frowning:.