Using DTB-Overlay's


is there a way to use dtb-overlays? imho uboot supports dtb-overlays since v2017-x, but our uboot is 2014-x. maybe there is another way to load them, but i have nothing found about loading them after boot.

this can be used for SPI/i2c-devices…

regards Frank

Update uboot and add device tree support as the current version is out-of-date.

An related question is do you really need to do that in uboot?

I do not need this in uboot. At time i ask i know only that way from rpi…

Update uboot is a huge task. I have made a diff between original 2014-04 and official uboot…too much for me to port

here i’ve found a possible alternative: Dallas 1 Wire on BPI-R2 but can’t test it due lack of time. Currently i try to port dual-gmac to 4.18…