U-boot button usage


How can I use this u-boot button exactly?




did someone find an answer to this question? I guess the two other buttons can be programmed, but is the U-Boot button somehow wiered to be used with U-Boot or not used yet?



hi dsp

May I know what uboot button is ?

Thanks Gary

Hi Gary,

on the Banana PI web page under Hardware there is an image:


On the top side it shows at the top right the three push buttons and it says that two buttons are GPIO and the third one is called “Uboot”.



Really nice of you to point out that that the label says “Uboot”. That is a very clear statement that the button is clearly labeled Uboot. I would be great if you could read what was asked.

The question was, what does it do. not how is the Uboot button labeled

On this platform, I can never find any question that is answered the way it is asked. It is almost as if those who know anything about the answer enjoys bringing as much extra disappointment and frustration as they can bring to the user who’s asking the question. Show me one question on this platform that is answered!

I answer much questions as far as i can. I’m no employee of bpi or mtk. I do all in my spare time.

but in one point i ack your opinion…there is nearly no official support on the questions.

For the buttons (like uboot) there is no documentation. I have only this: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4PAo2nW2KfnbVZzeDJERGd2SDg/view

On page 20 there is a switch ‘boot mode’ but i don’t know if this is the uboot-button or how it is acessed by software…

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