Sony PlayStation and others in Banana Pi M2 Ultra

have a Banana Pi M2 Ultra, I purchased it to create video surveillance control (3 cameras, one of them is turned on by a motion sensor connected via GPIO) in a stitched motioneyeos way, but alas, this one did not start. : - (((

Still lying idle.

There was such a need, to install an image on a memory card a program such as Recalbox, RetroOrangeP, etc. on Banana Pi devices. I have a device … M2 Ultra. For some reason, everyone writes Rasberry, but they forget that there are other prototyping devices (Banana Pi, Orange Pi and other similar devices). I downloaded Recalbox for Rasberry Pi 3, but it didn’t start … Or can the BPI team expand the software for the banana pi? I really want to revive my Sony PlayStation, remember programming on the ZXS Spectrum and play DreamCast.