Slow incoming NAT speed

I have a Banana PI R2. I’m testing its NAT speed between two computers that are a few feet apart. For data coming in the wan port and going to the LAN port, I’m getting about 35MiB/s. Going the other way, I get 92MiB/s. I know it’s the router’s fault, because I ran the same test with an EspressoBin and got 92MiB/s both directions. Although the EspressoBin is unstable and has unexpected reboots.

I ran a ping test, and there weren’t any dropped packets.

I’ve tried two different images. I built an OpenWRT from the source at The other image I tried was frank-w’s Debian image at with the 4.14 kernel. I tried turning on hwnat, but it didn’t help.

I tried the official OpenWRT image too. It booted up, but I couldn’t get it to install enough packages to setup the nat. It was trying to pull the packages from the mainstream OpenWRT, and the versions didn’t match.

Please do not create a new speed-thread

It’s an issue that i can’t reproduce but some users reported. Please report kernelversion and full network configuration

I didn’t see the other thread. I’ll reply there.