[R2Pro] Debian Bullseye / Ubuntu 22.04


i’ve created 2 basic images (only bootchain + rootfs, no network setup)

uboot 2022.04-bpi
linux 5.18.0-bpi-r2pro-main
(barebox 2022-05 incl. iodomain fix)

user:root, pw:bananapi

example-configuration for wan-port (eth0)

date -s '2022-05-23 21:50:00 CEST'
ip addr add dev eth0
ip link set eth0 up
ip route add default via
# only do once (resolv.conf is persistent)
cp /etc/resolv.conf{,.bak}
echo "nameserver" > /etc/resolv.conf


the -basic is without rootfs and can be used as base for own linux distribution (deboostrap + set rootpw)

have included phy and dsa driver for switch which can be switched by using other dtb (default dsa driver) in uboot (extlinux.conf)

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