[R2 Pro] linux hdmi support


After collecting some dts nodes i found out that hdmi is missing vop2 driver in mainline.

There is a vendor repo containing this driver based on 4.19

I currently try to add this driver to 5.15,but it’s huge…i already disabled hdr part as i guess it’s not needed. Maybe anyone can help here and can sort out some more?

Vop2 driver is currently disabled in Makefile to allow building kernel without hdmi support.

For compile tests (currently many errors) just revert this.if it is compilable,then still some things are missing because i add many new fields in existing and new structs which may need handling in mainline code.

Regards Frank

Peter was working on vop2 drivers but then he got into some personal family issues.

I hope someone can pick it up from where he left so we can have HDMI out soon on rk356x.

Found a newer version here (not much smaller),i’m currently try to get working in 5.15


Benjamin means rockchip people will upstream it by themself some time.


As this is still huge and many changes in existing files, it’s not easy. Help welcome…got it compiled so far,but maybe i forgot anything or made a mistake.i cannot test yet