Newbie BPi questions

Hello, Can someone give me simple step by step instruction how to install clean ubuntu on BPi R2 either with console only or with instruction how to remove GUI.

How to upgrade kernel (I see Frank-W publish new kernels)?

Will it be possible to use different networks on each LAN sockets (acctually I will need 3)?

Which WLAN AC will work out of the box?

I have eDUP EP-AC1621 which is based on RTL8814au, was cheap but working only on BananaPiPro running Armbian but not working on BPi R2.

maybe SparkLan WPEA-352ACN which is based on Qualcomm Atheros QCA9880-BR4A?

My RPi R2 was bought to act as Router and NAS.

Thanks in advance for any help.


you’ve seen my thread Ubuntu 18.4 with kernel 4.14.48 ?

currently working on that wiki-page…if there any problems report me them

upgrading kernel is described here:

with kernels >4.9 you have dsa-driver to access each lan-port separately (give own lan-segment and maybe additional vlans) both are working at least with 4.14. see for more

regarding wifi: my mt7612-card support AC-Wifi with my kernel…i had only done a wifi-up-test yet, because i run this card in 2.4ghz-mode to have fallback if i encounter problems with internal wifi (none till 62days on my system)

my r2 also working as router (pppoe) for my lan.

regards Frank

Wow. Thanks Frank. Very fast and exhaustive answer.