Mt76 external wifi with kernel 4.470 on CentOS help

Can you please try my debian/ubuntu-image with your hardware? Centos does not officially support arm…maybe it’s a incompatibility in centos


I tested deb_stretch_4.14.13_SD.img. After 4h trying to figure out the network configuration, then changing it to my needs I reached a point where I needed another kernel because the one in the img does not support conntrack (which I need to forward packets). Then I’ve copied the kernel in bpi-r2_4.14.62_main.tar.gz to the SD card and reconfigured the network interfaces again. It seems that the default kernel only has eth0 while the other has both eth0 and eth1. After that, I’ve set up the ipv4 forwarding, the DHCP server and iptables.

However, even when using debian the ethernet problem persists, the interface resets itself for some reason, and if I try the wireless connection it’ll hang while getting an IP address.

One of my tries to configure the debian did work though (by now I’ve must have tried between 5 and 10 times using debian), but when I rebooted for some reason the boot sector got corrupted temporarily for both the EMMC and the SD card. It fixed itself after powering the bpi off for about 5 mins, but unfortunately I had already overwritten the SD card with a new debian installation. My bad for not backing up something that works.

it seems that there is phy IOT issue which cause “link down” in runtime. Please try to connect lan ports to different device to confirm this is a IOT issue, thanks.