Is someone working on the project?

i had added some nodes for hdmi in 4.14-main from hdmi-branch. I guess i need patches for drm too

Just to make an update:

With the patches from mediatek (@ryder.lee) and much work of @deadmeat we got hdmi and fbdev working with pure hdmi-resolutions on 4.16 and 4.14. Some (xvga-)resolutions still not working.

@abbradar helps getting second gmac running and is working on wifi-driver (making it work as module and some bugfixes). Wifi still needs wmt-tools for init…

Bluetooth is still not working…waiting long time from response from @garywang anyone knows he’s ill or in holiday?

Hnat I’ve ported seems to work between lan and wan,but not to wifi (wlanx and ap0).

With the help of @jofri we got thermal-sensor and power-off working on 4.14

hnat is only for lan and wan. not wlanx and ap0. <lan, wan> , <wlanx, api0> is different device.

what’s additional patches we have to apply for allowing hdmi and fbdev to work ? could you help to collect and send to upstream? I guess @ryder lee also want to send hdmi patchset from mediatek in v2. they were not still being accepted in mainline tree.

Nat is normally setup on wan/ppp no matter from which device traffic is coming (except it is routed to any gmac)…packets from internal devices are nat’ed so imho hnat should work also for ap0/wifi…current implementation seems not to work on ppp0 show all patches…imho for xserver official patches were enough…deadmeat ported fbdev from 4.4 to 4.16 first and then backported both to 4 14


Here you see which patches are needed for mainline-kernel (poweroff,hdmi):