I just got a BPI R2 and it won't boot

I can press the power button and the led will turn on but after that it goes dark. nothing happens.

no lights on the WAN port. Any suggestions ?


Have you inserted sd-card with bpi-r2 image? Which one? Do you see partitions on sdcard when inserted in pc? Have you pressed powerbutton long enough (~10seconds)

I did not pressed it for 10 secs, I will try that. I left the device at work =( I will play with it on Monday. It is a project for work, or maybe I will drive tomorrow. It is a project at work. We really like the specs of the device we hope to get it working.

I will keep you posted.

That did it man. I had to keep it press for 10 seconds. Is there a way to shorten this ? or turning the device on by default if it gets power.

You can bridge powerbutton (need to disable in software) or bring 5v to otg-port

There are a few possibilities here:

  1. Which OS are you trying to boot with? I’ve had very good results using the Armbian for the bpi-r2

  2. your sd-card maybe does not want to play along, you could need to try another one.

Just remember to hold the boot-thing down until you see the lights go on.

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I am using OpenWRT and it is loading from sd right now. all of it is working fine so far. I just want to finish writing the code and do a demo in here =)

We will also install a modem to this board. This thing is nice =) all of it is working after the boot.

Thanks for the help!