How to make a package of linux-headers for BPI-R2 4.14.X kernel

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So far I have found a solution in the form of compiling the kernel on BPI-R2. Both the kernel and modules are obtained with name “4.14.109-bpi-r2-”. Not very nice, but it works.

On Monday, I’ll check another option. Maybe it will be better.

How do you drop additional part of kernel-name?

I just started the compilation of the kernel right on BPI-R2, and it turned out that way.

In And more. In the armbian wireguard module is included in the kernel source code. Can you give instructions on how to add a wireguard module to your kernel? The directory where to put the source code I found. But I don’t know how to add to the kernel configuration menu. I want to try building a wireguard.ko module with the kernel.

Basicly menuconfig uses kconfig-files,compilation uses makefile…you need to add your folder (kconfig/makefile inside it) to both if it supports kconfig/makefile

Which directories should be edited kconfig for kernel 4.14

Only the one where you added the driver-folder to include the new one

Btw.have you read this (in tree):

I ported wireguard git to the build kernel tree. I build a kernel with modules need for wireguard. I installed wireguard from the debian repository. And wireguard is working fine. :grinning:.

if you send me am PR (or at least steps you’ve done) i can add it to my kernel-tree

  1. Clone wireguard git : ~$ git clone

2.Run wireguard script : $ ~/wireguard/contrib/kernel-tree/ /usr/src/linux. Where /usr/src/linux is the path to the build directory of BPI-R2 4.14.X kernel.

3.Run ./ config and configure kernel according to the instructions from WireGuard/.

image image

  1. Run kernel build ./

  2. Only I made a module wireguard.ko loadable [M]

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seems the script only makes the changes in makefile and kconfig and create a link inside net-dir to wireguard-source

thinking about including, but this makes wireguard fixed and patches are not applied…if anybody links the source to its tree it stays actual through external git repo