CPU Performance Review of SBCs

Do you know the difference between your posts and the ones from TK, beside wording?

TKs contain useful information, yours do not.

all is right , let us stop at here.:slight_smile:

One final word since it happened again and again. You already know that you can’t rely on Allwinner’s defaults. Remember the problem with all your OS images for M3 back then? Simple user processes getting killed? Since you used a setting from Allwinner that the linux-sunxi community identified long time ago as being broken: BPI-M3 new image:ArchLinuxARM Lite for BPI-M3 (20151209)

It would save you so much time and hassles if you would start to accept the community’s role (linux-sunxi – not Armbian). But it’s still up to you to ignore this.

Regarding the issue this thread was initially about. As soon as you will provide your distributors (eg. LoveRPi who did the tests you linked to in your 1st post here) with BPi M2+ Michael Larabel from Phoronix will get a M2+ in his hands and will test it with your Raspbian. And if you didn’t fix the THS settings until then it will just look like it did with Orange Pi One (also limited dvfs/cpufreq behaviour): http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=orange-pi-one&num=2

Please don’t do Phoronix the favour to tell the world another sunxi board would be slow crap. Please fix the issue before 3rd parties start benchmarking and publish the results. It’s easy and… already done. Take Armbian’s settings, take our sun8i-corekeeper.sh service and you’re done. And when Michael Larabel starts testing the M2+ will even look better than the Orange Pis he tested before since they also used the broken Allwinner defaults.

And now please read the 2nd post in this thread again.

when we finish all driver ,we will do more .

we also study armbian. hope we can make progress with you.:slight_smile:

dear tkaiser:

mikey told me ,have updtae WIFI driver to github before 10 day. he now try let it working on armbian code . you can get it from our github.

BT 4.0 linux driver also working now. we need finish test .and update.