Choose an image for BPI-R2

Which image is currently best suited for use as a router? Required:

  1. availability of package repository, so that do not have to compile everything.
  2. Working access point
  3. work with SATA / USB hdd
  4. HW_NAT

“best” is a bit subjective

but my debian or ubuntu image should fit your requirements for hwnat you need 4.14.54+ from my repo, imho ubuntu was below that…last debian has 4.14.80

Did I understand correctly, what I should download an image for an SD card from here?

Which image best to choose?

no, these are the official ones which have (in my eyes) to much additional data

i mean my images, which are basic bootstrapped systems

debian: [BPI-R2] Debian-image for bpi-r2

or ubuntu: [BPI-R2] Ubuntu 18.4 with kernel 4.14.48