[BPI-R64] OpenWRT and MT7531BE Switch

I currently use the openwrt master source code, it not included the DSA-driver patch, and can’t use ethtool, ip link, ifstatus, /sys/class/net/eth1/operstate, /sys/class/net/eth1/carrier to get the correctly switch port link state.

If apply the DSA-driver patch, the ethtool can get the correctly switch port link state?

It seems @Ivan_Revyakin can use swconfig to get the correctly state, have you apply the DSA-driver patch?

As with openwrts phy-driver linux does not see switchports (only gmacs) you cannot use userspace tools like ip,ethtool,…maybe you can query portstate with swconfig which has indirect access to ports

With dsa driver you can use ip,ethtool because each port is visible as separate interface