[BPI-R64] Image builder Arch Linux with image ready for download

[BPI-R64] Image builder Arch Linux:

I have pushed the initial version of my new image builder for R64 on github.

It builds an image for running Arch Linux. There is also a pre-build image ready for download, see assets in the release, or the download link located here below. You can use this image as try-out. If you like it, then you can use the script later. I have not tried the script on debian/ubuntu, but it should (almost?) work. I’ve tested it running on Arch Linux

The script only installs packages and configures them. It will therefore not take too long to create an image.

Everything that needs building is pre-built and can be updated through the AUR. Kernel is also a prebuild package, based on the linux-rolling-stable branch. When updating the linux-bpir64-git package in the AUR, it should build the newest stable linux version and install it automaticallty. The same goes for the Arm Trusted Firmware bpir64-atf-git, it is also a package, but it does not have many updates. When installed/upgraded it is automatically written to the correct partition. There is a separate package bpir64-mkimage, which is modified to stretch the image leaving empty space on sectors 2 through 34, so a GPT table can be used without problems.

Devicetree can be edited on the spot through patches, one command to save changes: bpir64-writefip and then reboot with the new devicetree.

Note: With the emmc version, wan only works with bootswitch set to boot from emmc first! (see closed issues buildR64ubuntu)

Download v1.0 SDMMC version Router setup (297MB) Kernel version v5.18.13 (linux-rolling-stable), Linux version latest (Arch Linux has rolling updates)