BPI-R64 + Armbian

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Is it possible to install your kernel in armbian? For example 4.19.X. for BPI-R2 ?

Basicly this should be possible, but i don’t know way to change the kernelfile to be booted in uboot for armbian…i guess the way is bit different

Well, that’s all clear.

Then another question: Is there any instruction on how to configure in armbian internal wifi for PI-R2. By default, it is disabled, and an attempt to use a wifi script causes an error.

I guess armbian kernel has not included the wifi driver which is too large and dirty.

The armbian website says: onboard wireless is too fragile, disabled by default.

This probably means that there are probably drivers, but do you need to enable them somehow when building the kernel? But unfortunately the link on their site is not working, error 404. Has anyone tried this?

I guess (if they included driver) the code is taken from my repo and should be located in drivers/misc/mediatek

If you have this folder (does not exist in mainline) you can enable it with these options

I see that it is mentioned as not working but works so far…just ignore comment.but this thread is about r64…