BPI-R4-MT76-OPENWRT-V21.02. build Error

@frank-w May I ask why the device’s MAC address changes every time flash new firmware image?

Afaik Mac adress changes on every reboot because the eeprom has no fixed max and uses a random one.

From which interface you are talking about?

This is not too important, I’m just wondering that it doesn’t have a fixed MAC address, I see it happening on all ports. Please advise me, do I need to extend the default memory partition? I want to use more docker i have seen dangowrt talk about this

Imho openwrt is not capable for using docker or other virtualisation. It is a router-os…

But that was one reason i have debian on my routers :slight_smile: (and easier update kernel vs. Userspace tools).

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Let me ask, why can’t I find the eMMC partition when using lsblk. I am running OS on SD card and only see the SD card’s partition image

This is because mediatek filogic chips only have 1 mmc controller which is switched via hw switch between sdcard and emmc

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We do support docker as well as podman officially in OpenWrt, and we even got our own minimalist container runtime called uxc. Actually a “router OS” turns out to be quite useful as a container host as well :wink: After all, you may need a complex network setup for the traffic between containers, or containers and the outside world.

And OpenWrt fork prplWrt even went as far as implementing support for CNI as a netifd protocol handler…