[BPI-R4] and SFP

So I would like to return to my S+RJ10 modules. I found out that they are built on Marvell 88X3310P PHY. I even enabled Marvell 10G PHY support when building Openwrt. But I still don’t see this PHY. I know that Aquantia AQR113C has already been added to the assembly. Maybe someone has already done this. Are there any comments on this?

I’m using the build eladwf/openwrt/tree/bpi_r4 I also set irqbalance to balance interrupts on different processor cores from ETH1-2. I don’t see that RSS balances the queues.

You might need to write some quirk for your module. net: sfp: add support for a couple of copper multi-rate modules · torvalds/linux@5859a99 · GitHub

Yes, I’m glad that there might be a solution, but I can’t even imagine how to use it.

The modules work, but I have no idea in what serdes mode. I can connect 100mb-10G but if I connect below 10G I get queue overflow and the transfer speed is limited to 1G. phylink is always 10G. I have the impression that phy does not inform you that you need to slow down, does not send pauses.

I have to enable flow-control on my switch. Although this is not correct, it helps me. It turns out that the queue is controlled by my smart switch.

I got the BPI-R4 now and also have a LuLeey XPON SFP module (LL-XS2510). It was detected out of the box by the OpenWrt version the R4 shipped with. Unfortunately, I can’t test the uplink yet, because my ISP has yet to install the fiber to the building.

Let me know if there is any command I should run with the module or some other information you need to add input to this thread.

I tried but nothing worked with the quirk. The module simply stops starting. Until I give him the command to force MDIX initialization.

I tell him mii-tool -r eth2 and he comes to life.