[BPI-R3] Running Hot

Can someone suggest single big radiator, which cover all bpi chips and fits the board (mounting holes etc). Without fan, I can’t see reason in using it with default metal case.

I ended up buying this aluminum heatsink and tapping holes. I put thermal pads on everything but the MT7531 to get the chips mostly level.


I did the 12v fan mod as well and may end up adding a fan. My closet has a relatively high ambient temperature (30ºC) and little airflow, unfortunately.


Just a question; you think this bigger single heatsink works better than the individual ones (which are included in the package “deal”)?

Also note that you should be sure about the different relative heights of the chips, you can’t use the same thermal pads on each chip.

(Image originally from Michael Fischer)

There’s a bunch of considerations. Using the same sink across multiple chips spreads extra heat to cooler chips, for example. I leveled the chips with thermal pads and based on temp graphs, adequate contact seems like it’s being made.

I ended up getting a fan anyway and need to mod the fan connector down to 3-pins and the smaller pitch. I’ll drill a grate above the heat sink and possibly some vents on the left side of the case.

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Look like this thread is also my concern, I’ve been experiencing periodic disconnection about every 2 days few weeks ago. still not sure if the temp is the culprit.


wrote a script to log the temp readout every minute for observation… case all closed with 53c, 49c, isn’t bad right?

(while true; do sleep 60; echo -e "$(date)\n$(sensor)" >> /mnt/nvme0n1p1/sensors.log || break; done) &

Wifi disconnection is handled here:

We should leave this thread temperature related (measured temp reaching high values) not for effects possible caused by higher temp

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This: 4

Gotta check Temperature now… This one here is with WiFI deactivated: 4 4 4 4