Bpi-r3 mini wrong uboot.fip - brick board?

Imho it means the debug-uart is broken when it does not recognize your tx data anymore. But you can still use board as far as you do not need debug-uart (booting till accessable via ssh).

Where exactly is the link you take? I do not see it on bpi wiki…and afaik bpi recommended ftdi from start.

I believe that the manufacturer/store is responsible for this. I need a functional product. I will try to get a refund or a new copy. The products were purchased together and from the same seller

why did u assume is 100% completely broken prior to test another serial cable, my advice to test with recommended 3.3v TTL cable if things not going well, then u can escalate to the next level and ask for refund

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@sinovoip @simon can you please wiki?


As reported above the linked cable has 5v ttl and will damage rx of r3(mini) or other boards.

Most of my ch340 adapters are 5v so imho you should drop this from your list. Cp2102 has also the wifi issue…only cp2104 and ftdi works for me

@frank-w @nezar_taima @Muhamad_A_Akbar After connecting FTDI, the board is alive :slight_smile: Thank you all for your help. Nice to be part of the bpi family.

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Great to hear you got back the life for ur little boy

Great that it is not hw damaged…do you still need to try the ram boot or have you restored nand from emmc?

No need, thank you. The information and tutorials on the forum are comprehensive - at least on this topic