[BPI-R2] Ubuntu Server image


Is anyone running a Ubuntu Server system on a BPI-R2? I’d like to reactivate my R2 with a Ubuntu Server but I didn’t find a Server image of Ubuntu for the R2. Also I wasn’t able to setup a server system myself. Already wasted 3 complete days on this…

best regards

You can try my ubuntu 18.4 image which has only necessary packages installed

I’m not sure if upgrade works, but i’m preparing a repo to create actual images for bpi router boards. But it will take some time till it is ready

Btw. It took me months getting such image working :slight_smile:

If you want you can try it

But have not yet added checks for needed packages and failure checks yet. I have all packages installed…if you have a nearly basic host system you can report me errors and needed packages.

Just call buildimg.sh as written in README.md

What is missing is at least

  • wifi.sh and wmt-tools/firmware for r2
  • no hdmi config for r2/r2pro
  • Wifi firmware for r64/r3

But you should get a bootable system till linux userspace which you can access via debug-uart and hopefully ssh (wan dhcp,lan-ports bridged with static ip