[BPI-R2] Ubuntu 18.4 with kernel 4.14.48

systemctl disable systemd-resolved

allows to start dnsmasq (after a reboot)

systemctl stop systemd-resolved

needs not reboot :slight_smile:

Do all 5 ethernet ports work on this build? I have the 16.04 build and cant get the 5 ethernet ports working…

official builds using kernel 4.4 which have no dsa-driver to separate lan-ports.

in kernels 4.9+ you can access all ports (wan,lan0-lan3). First eth0 must be set to up in order to use the physical ports of switch

What exactly is the problem? “Can’t get ports to work” is simply not enough information…do you want to configure each port separately (different ip-subnets) or a single config for all ports (lan0-lan3 bridged)?

I only have docker0, eth0, eth1 and wlan0 reflected when i issue ifconfig. My goal eventually is to make this BananaPi R2 my Primary DSL Modem/Router


with kernel 4.4 lan-ports are bridged and acessable via eth0 (i think this order) and wan is acessable via eth1. In 4.4 you can’t access a single lan-port but all work like 1 network-card with a dumb switch behind (the way it is realized). All ports have together 1 ip-configuration.

In 4.14 and above dsa-driver allows access all lan-ports separately (here eth0 is no rj45-port and is only up with no config). Here the appended switch is managed.

it depends on your needs, which is better for you.

Is there anywhere that your aware resides an .img of some version of ubuntu 16.04 or 18.04 that has the 4.14 kernel already built in. I am taking baby steps here I dont want to compile i just want to unload the .img file to the SD card so I can start playing.

You find it here: Ubuntu 18.4 with kernel 4.14.48

You have only configure network-settings in /etc/network/interfaces to your needs and if you have no debug-uart add PermitRootLogin yes to /etc/ssh/sshd_config

I have dowloaded and installed this build to the SD Card, I am able to login but ifconfig isnt loaded. Iwlist doesnt work either. So basically I have no way of connecting this build to anything as I cant download anything. Any suggestions? What am I overlooking?

I forgot ifconfig was replaceed with ip my bad

OK i am willing to take any assistance offered. I have spent the last 2 hours trying to get either eth0 or lan0 working (passing traffic). Using the ip commands i am able to program the interfaces and they reflect up but I am unable to ping my router (I am within my routers domain) but cannot ping either way. Ideas anyone? Also is this 18.04 build able to use WiFi? If so I would be interested in assistance with that as well. Thanks for any assistance!

Without having any of the interfaces working how did you install “ifupdown”? Im trying to follow these steps in order to get my interfaces working as well.

OK eth0 is the channel between the sitch and the CPU i understand this to be the case. is the CPU expecting a certain IP for eth0 to be on right now i have it setup for is that correct or should it be setup for something within my routers IP?

In my image that ip is set on lan0…you do not need steps for temporary config.

Is your existing lan Then connect lan0 to your lan. try to ping it/connect via ssh (remember ssh change for root-login). Now your gateway+dns may not be right…in my config both is set to Dns is /etc/resolv.conf gateway in /etc/network/interfaces. There you can copy lan0-block for wan,lan1-3 and give every port a different ip-config (different subnet!)

Now I’m running 18.04 with your “stock” kernel booting from emmc.

Is there any way I can try same from SD to test new kerners?

If yes how to boot SD with system on emmc?

If bootable sdcard is inseted r2 boots from it else it boots from emmc…

Newer hardware have a switch above sd-slot to change behaviour


First let me apologize for being a little slow on the uptake and say thank you for assistance thus far. Ive included a topology for my LAN and how I am configured. Referencing that I have questions as I still cant seem to get any ping responses. 1.) Referencing my setup what should eth0 ip be? 2.) What should I make lan0 be, something within my LAN domain yes? 3.) What Should the default route be? 4.) What should the echo nameserver command value be?

Again Thank You. -Brian-


When all else fails reboot the BPI-R2 and re-verify settings. I should have known.


Ip-configuration on desktop is wrong…you have 2 interfaces in same subnet…why is your desktop between? Then if r2 is behind your desktop your netgear does not know net between desktop and r2…here you need a static route. 3rd: default route setup have to contain next-hop not local interface ip

Regarding eth0 i said this has no ip-configuration…


I had the second IP on my desktop as a way of isolating the testing and playing but also being able to touch the Internet. With that being said I now have all 5 ethernet ports working (wan, lan0, lan1, lan2, lan3). Has there been any further development by yourself or anyone else on getting the builtin Wireless Port working?

but you cannot use the same subnet on more than 1 Interface. your desktop does not know where to send a packet if it got a packet for that subnet…basics of routing :slight_smile: you have simply luck if it works

for wifi see R2 internal Wifi/BT (MT6625L) - Kernel 4.14+

nearly every kernel on my github-repo has wifi-driver built-in (4.17-wlan in testing, 4.18 working). But you still need wifi-tools, because i do not know how to build in these options done by these tools.