BPI-R2 Openwrt/LEDE source code release

Hi all,

My friends are working with LEDE core developers to add MT7623/BPI-R2 support into LEDE official branch. If anyone wants to build his own LEDE FW, please get code from

Comparing to current LEDE official branch, it contains some upstream back-port drivers and bugfix. feel free to give your feedback if you find any issues, thanks.


Thank you moore,

but you have same typo in the openwrt-tag like sinovoip in the other thread please correct it

The tag was added by sinovoip. I tried to correct it, but it seems that we need administrator to correct it because I cannot modify it, thanks.

The tree seems to support quashfs on emmc with block2mtd, and I also plugged into all cards into all slots available on the board appearing to that lsusb, lspci can find them out as well, including the sata IDE controller with ASMedia.

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