BPI-R2 new Image:Ubuntu-16.04-mate-desktop-bpi-r2-sd-emmc-v1.2.0.img.zip 2017-09-04

Yes i guess.

Coz DE is just for testing and I only have 1 sd so once 1 format it, it will be lost. That’s why I tried to use a ready img so i don’t have to download the DE every time.
Just trying to save on some data.

You could mount imagefile with losetup+partptobe+mount+chroot and install DE direct to image :slight_smile:

But maybe on ubuntu-image you need to update kernel too (imho used 4.14 has no hdmi yet…was ported later)

Hello, I think your ubuntu buster img doesn’t have meson enabled in kernel? To support gpu?

No,only hdmi without gpu

because i have no info about getting lima/mesa working at the Moment

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Lima/mesa was merged recently but Ihave been use meson drm for amlogic soc with mali gpu. So most graphical work was handled by gpu except for the video playback which is done by vpu.

I have been able to get arch linux ready will try to boot it tomorrow, but I think I will have to recompile the kernel with different config. Will follow your branch on git i think 4.19 or maybe 5.3.