[BPI-R2] Hdmi in uboot and linux

Either will do. But I’d prefer to use the latest one.

ok, reverted v2 and applied v4

kernel boots so far :wink: waiting for hdmi-patches :wink:

any idea how to change resolution in uboot? i want to set a vga-mode with resolution of 1024x768 see first post

@garywang how can i change hdmi-resolution in uboot?

i tried to change sys_config.fex https://github.com/frank-w/BPI-R2-4.4/commit/fd6a70def69fb6126503026e25cc5e2e10217e6c

i want vga-mode 1024x768 to ensure that my hdmi/vga-adapter and my test-tft show at least uboot

still waiting for kernel-patches…see some basic patches for dma which may be related, how far is the work?

Any idea about hdmi in uboot?

@Ryder.Lee how far is the work for mainline hdmi-support? I see some patches for drm which maybe related

Hmm, we will send related patches in next RC cycle as we have other high priority tasks.

Continuing the hdmi theme from What´s the best Practice to Build own Kernel thread.

I’ve built and ran latest Frank’s kernel. No errors in dmesg, Xorg has been started, but no framebuffer device is avaliable.

I can’t check monitors image right now, as my R2 is in different location. But according to logs everything seems fine. I’ll update my topic ASAP, when i check the monitor.

i have rebuild hdmi-kernel (with latest options till framebuffer-console) from

and uploaded to my gdrive: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1dJPz1REuIQiVfY4XliGOmGSZVDgT80Yc

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I’ve checked hdmi - it works. For now, without framebuffer, HDMI stays disabled unless Xorg server is started. So fo everyone, who want to test new kernel - make shure that X-server is configured.

Frank, I’ve also tested your precompiled kernel. Everything is Ok - no errors and HDMI works.

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do you see anyrhing before xserver starts? I have enabled framebuffer-console but maybe uenv.txt needs to be modified


Here at end of console-paran (both: serial and framebuffer)

Can you send me your working xconfig?

No, but i’m working on it.

I’ve finally done with it! I’ve ported fbdev from 4.4 kernel, and looks like it works.

photo and video


I need some time to check and describe it.

Bad news - the sd-card slot on my R2 has been broken - it can’t hold sdcard anymore (You can see “waiting for root” on video ). It has contact only while i’m pushing to card. I probably can bot from EMMC, but i steel need sd to install image.:frowning:

So i’m out of buissnes for some time.

And we steel need more tests. As for me - both Xorg and framebuffer work!

can you share your ported fbdev and xserver-config?

I’ve created the pull request on github, check it please. (it’s a bit draft, so if @Ryder.Lee or someone qualified will can to audit it, that would be great! As I’m not a driver developer :slight_smile: )

I didn’t made any scpecial chandes to Xorg config. It’s default.

And also CONFIG_DRM_FBDEV_EMULATION=y should be activated

the pull-request from Alex: https://github.com/frank-w/BPI-R2-4.14/pull/23/files

@Ryder.Lee can you take a look on it? if you say it’s right i merge it to hdmi-branch so i can also test it…my hdmi-cable should arrive today (needed a longer one)

@DeadMeat imho you can add CONFIG_DRM_FBDEV_EMULATION=y to fwu_defconfig in your branch and the pullrequest should be updated…

Done. The pull request has been updated.

Looks good to me. You can take this through your tree.