Basic firmware for debian

Nop, that wasn’t it, systemd was hanging on local fs. Had to comment out the 2 lines below to get it trough the boot process:

/dev/mmcblk1p2         /mnt/emmc/root          ext4    errors=remount-ro      0       1
/dev/mmcblk1p1         /mnt/emmc/boot          vfat    defaults               0       0

What should mmcblk1 be for device?

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I had swapped that options (root must have remount-ro,…) but that must be right in the image…

Have yout downloaded the debootstrap-file? That i have not fixed yet

mmcblk0p1 is boot on sd vfat defaults 0 0 mmcblk0p2 is root on sd ext4 errors=remount-ro 0 1

emmc is mmcblk1

You must use mountpoints that exists on your target filesystem (cmdline of kernel/uboot)

btw. Mounting rootfs to other dir but / seems to be a bad idea and can be the problem…but that is not like that in my image

These mounts came from your image, I’ve disabled the 2nd device and all works as expected. I was wandering what the emmc mounts are for, as the device works perfectly without them.

Ok, that are the additional mounts and you had not initialized your emmc,ok,i will fix that.

thank you for debugging

currently uploading with new name bpi-r2_debian_stretch_4.14.13.img.gz

Hi Frank,

it’s not urgent at all, but if you are doing the next image could you include the usbserial module? In the meanwhile i’ll try to do that myself :slight_smile: Anyway - your image still works perfectly and makes me forget the “official” Ubuntu package.

If I compile a kernel myself how can I install my new modules in all the right places? Okayokay … bloody beginner in the Kernel business :smiley:

see PM regarding usb-module :slight_smile:

the official images support hdmi under 4.4 (ok, it can work in my image also if i would use the official kernel). still waiting for vendor-driver for hdmi and 2nd gmac

Hmmm, noticed that a shutdown -P doesn’t power down the R2. Is this with this image only, or a hardware ‘feature’?

this is a feature belonging to missing driver in Kernel: (Kernel 4.4 and 4.14 affected)

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I’m at the moment limited in screen time (concussion), is it possible for you to provide with a kernel with iptable mangle support?

why not clone my repo add what you need, add it, test it and let me know whats missing :slight_smile: ?

I can confirm it is quite easy to just take Frank’s Image install some aux packages, get his repository and start working.

It was even easy for me to adapt his script to native kernel compiling right on the R2 itself with / on a harddisk. Works like a charm! My first action was adding usb-serial and ch341 modules in order to get /dev/ttyUSB0. took me 10 Minutes :slight_smile:

Is there an option to cross compile, I’d like to keep the R2 as clean as possible, it runs from micro sd. (It’s going to be my main router, so less junk is better)

my do (currently only) a crosscompile…

currently i try to add a direct compile to build on r2, but that is not on repo yet

added mangle to 4.14.15-main

I can confirm: Compiling a kernel right on the R2 works perfectly :slight_smile: 90 minutes for a complete new kernel. Minor changes in <2 Minutes.