bananapir64I modified my dts file, but I think there is an error

I modified my dts file, but I think there is an error when com1659755779145 piling, how should I solve this

You should show your modifications or full dts file. Error is in line 9…maybe a include not found

1659775445262 so ,what should I do

I need 10 GPIO ports, but they are occupied, I need to disable some functions, but there is a problem with recompiling:thinking:

Can you please share the file and no screenshot? Which kernel-version do you use?

Normally you can simply disable the device by setting status to disabled. How do you compile the dts? I guess you try to compile it out of tree (directly) and so the preprocessor managing the includes is not run…

Modify the dts in tree (in arch/arm64/boot/dts/mediatek) and compile it using the kernel makefile.

There is no mt7622.dts in mainline kernel tree…only mt7622.dtsi

If using my repo you can use for compiling kernel and dts

Three days, I finally succeeded, I am using ubuntu18.04, kernel5.4, I not only need to modify dts and compile it, I also need to copy the new dtb file it generates to /boot to restart Okay, this is not friendly to a newbie, it took me three days to discover it.

Yes of course you need to install it and reboot,but your issue was compiling step :slight_smile:

Yes, the dtc I used at the time had this error, and I recompiled it later. In short, with your help, the problem was solved,thank you:grinning: