Bananapi r3 kernel

Hy :slight_smile: I know that some users of the forum have post some sources for kernel ready to use in git. It’s really practice.

Bu i would like to know if we can find the patches somewhere to integrate thr support for the R3. For exemple : if i want to use a net-next kernel for exemple, i think that i need patch for the dts, some drivers etc…

Thanks by advance

I think when you build with net-next you will have most things already. PWM driver, I2C driver need patches, but the board should work if you just stick in the DTS file from @frank-w’s build or OpenWrt (the build provided by SinoVoip is based on MediaTek SDK and the device tree bindings of those drivers don’t match the ones in upstream Linux and OpenWrt).

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This is my current tree:

edit: have cleaned up a bit :slight_smile: (squashing commits for defconfig and reordering to have similar patches together)

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HY. Thank you for all Informations :slight_smile:

Hy, Thank you for the link. I will work on it this weekend :slight_smile:

Thank you again