Banana PI R3 BSP source code

Where can find the repo for BSP for R3? I see that github repo is empty. I need U-Boot,kernel,dt. Thanks

It is all (TF-A, U-Boot, Kernel, DT) already merged upstream in OpenWrt. Unlike the initial BSP supplied by SinoVoip, all hardware features are supported there now (incl. automatic switching of SGMII, 1000Base-X, 2500Base-X for the SFP cages, temperature controlled PWM fan, …).

git clone
cd openwrt
scripts/feeds update -a
scripts/feeds install -a
make menuconfig
# select MediaTek ARM target, Filogic subtarget, BananaPi R3 board. Then choose packages you want to include in your build

make -j$(nproc)
# this will build ARM Trusted Firmware, U-Boot, DT, Linux and userland **from source**

# find images in bin/targets/mediatek/filogic folder
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Great thanks

Is it also available within buildroot defconfig files?

In case you are referring to the Buildroot, then no. In OpenWrt’s buildroot it can be selected in menuconfig which results in all components being built from source.