Banana Pi BPI-W3 with Rockchip RK3588 ,8G DDR and 32G eMMC flash


The Banana Pi BPI-W3 is a router based development board, it design with Rochchip RK3588 quad ARM Cortex-A76 and quad Cortex-A55 consists of an eight-core CPU processor. ,[email protected] NPU,8G memory,32G eMMC storage on board .which can run on a variety of open source operating systems including OpenWrt, Android, and linux. It has 1 Gigabit LAN ports, 1 Gigabit WAN., it also with 2 HDMI out and 1 HDMI in port.


Key Features:

Rockchip RK3588 quad ARM Cortex-A76 and quad Cortex-A55 consists of an eight-core CPU processor

  • ARM Mali-G610 MP4,
  • NPU for AI : [email protected]
  • 8G RAM and 32G eMMC flash onbord
  • 2x 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet
  • support HDMI in and HDMI out

wiki online documents :

When will the product be available?

you can contace [email protected] to order sample

Really like the look of that board for all sorts of low energy server based applications. Please ditch the onboard switches and just plain old jumpers that can also be wired switches like a server mobo. If its at the right price that is definitely looking like a great server board with many applications.

Are BOTH Ethernet ports working and tested ?

I guess only hardware is available for internal testing yet. There are some patches on mailinglist for rk3588,afair ethernet too (they should not differ much from rk356x). So i see no big problem here…compared to mtk boards gmacs are 1g only (not bad here because only 1 port per gmac).

Only 1 lan is working as the other one is using pcie2. So we will have to wait for pcie bringup for rk3588

as far as i found out there are 2 variants of rk3588…one rk3588S with only pcie2 and one rk3588 (without letter) having pcie3x4 which seems the case here…so we need support in pcie3 driver for rk3588…imho it was partially available (but had not tested it due missing hardware) and maybe needs only compatible (which afair i have removed when sending driver upstream).

Banana Pi BPI-W3 (RK3588) local video play 8K with gstreamer , not mpv (debian 11):

Negs ot pcie3 working on rk3588 already i didn’t get time to test it myself but he is already working on it.

Thanks to you pcie3 patch.

So far I have only tested 2 rk3588 boards with 1 rk3588s and both can boot with upstream kernel and have sdcard, emmc, lan and uart support only.

Banana Pi BPI-W3 RK3588 dual hdmi display and dual hdmi display + hdim in function test