Banana Pi BPI-W2 with Realtek RTD1296 chip design

Do you have a rough estimate when the BPI-W2 it will be available? It looks perfect for a small NAS. Is there a newsletter I can subscribe to so I don’t miss it?

we have do hardware V1.2 , it will coming In March 2018

Interesting information that new HW version is in progress!

Maybe would You like to consider SFP connector on board? There would be extra passive switch for SATA0/SGMII port like this:

and SFP connector, thats all! Eventually jumper for choosing SFP/SATA.

i see , but SFP module is too big for this board , if you want to use SFP ,you can use 20 PIN rgmii interface to connect


Thank you for announcing this interesting piece of hardware. Are you going to release an official case for the board as well? A BPI-R2-like with one or two 2.5-inch HDD slots would be really nice!

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I want to buy this, but no link in taobao or 1688

here ,have a taobao link:

What kind of support for GPU can be expected in terms of Linux OpenGL ES libs (fbdev/x11/wayland…)?

Wait…does it only support OpenWRT chaos calmer? That thing is ancient, will it support the newest OpenWRT release?

Banana Pi BPI-W2 source code public on github

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image download :

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When it will be available in

Realtek RTD1296 Intelligent voice, video processing platform

BPI-W2 android 6 and android 7 source code:

I see this board is driven by a 12V@2A power supply! Does 12V get passed through to the SATA ports so this can drive 12V 3.5" drives?

not sure about 12V line in SATA, but you need to consider HDD power consumption.

I remember having hard time booting on standard 12V 2A power supply - 2x 2.5’’ HDD. Booting started normally, went through all inits. Spinup HDDs … reboot.

It boots just fine when used 12V 3.4A supply (or 2A supply + extra smartphone charger on usb-c).

from sheet I googled for reference just now:image

you might have same issue when trying single 3.5’’ HDD

by the way - this is my drive spec to complete this answer: image