Banana Pi BPI-R4 Wifi 7 router board with MediaTek MT7988A (Filogic 880),4G RAM and 8G eMMC

is there any kind of roadmap/status/overview whats currently in wip and whats done? e.g. wifi, antennas, porting to kernel 6.9, etc.?

About measured memory bandwidth on R4. I did some research and safe to conclude R4 is good here.

50-ish to 60-ish percent real bandwidth of the theoretical maximum is about the norm on ARM SBCs. For example, look at Raspberry Pi 4 and etc here:

So nothing to do with the memory traces. Nothing to worry about here. :wink:

Any news about wifi module ?

Take a look at here → Banana Pi BPI-R4 BPI-BE14 Wi-Fi7 NIC module - #52 by Lee-7723

Hey friends I recently purchased the WLE600VX ( wifi card to connect it to my router (banana pi bpi-r4) and the router fails to recognize it. when I run the command “lspci” the output return empty. I tried to install the following packages also without success: ath10k-firmware-qca988x kmod-ath10k.

Has anyone managed to solve this case by any chance?

they are incompatible, see also BPI R4 doesnt detect 2nd PCI card [solved] - #14 by oli

Please search in forum and do not use general threads for specific peripheral questions.

Ath cards are known not working

hey. version with 1xstp and 1x2.5gbe with poe is avaible in shop? or must solder yourself?

you can contact [email protected] ask support

How to setup or inplement the AFC(Automated Frequency Coordination) in 6GHz? Hardware:Banana pi R4+WiFi7:BPI-R4-NIC-BE14 We have already completed the AFC DUT test Harness on the computer(6 GHz AFC Resources | Wi-Fi Alliance). Is there any information about AFC?

AFC requires, well, automated frequency coordination. This entails something like running afcd (having it connect to the coordinating organization) and then hostapd (or equivalent) with its support.

I’m not aware of any publicly usable implementations of the former just yet. You have to use the low limits that are allowed without AFC.

Thanks,your answer is useful to me. Maybe the “afcd” is what i want. Like these features:[PATCH v7 1/4] hostapd: afcd: add AFC daemon support (Linux Host AP)

FYI. A different vendor’s board has similar, if not exactly same, traces between MT7988a and memory chips.

Atheros AR5BXB63 recycled here…ok, It Is really old, but works fine… Any info about the official wifi7 nic realase?

Just putting this out there as cannot find much information on it, other than SINOVOIP’s getting started wiki.

Has anyone managed to get a Quectel RM520N-GL module working in CN16 M.2 B slot?

Device does not appear to initialize upon boot, i’m not wanting to use an outdated verison of OpenWRT (sinivoip BPI-R4 images) due to not being able to install new drivers/packages etc…

please create own thread for special 3rd party hardware…this thread is about 355 posts log…so the answer gets lost for all who have same problem

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I have two 5G modules from quectel (RM520N-GL & RM520N-EU), both works okay inside R4 board. BTW, using mainline openwrt not official image.