Banana Pi BPI-R2 Pro OpenWRT, Ubuntu,Debian Linux image

Banana Pi BPI-R2 Pro OpenWRT, Ubuntu,Debian Linux image

==ubuntu 21.04==

*ubuntu 21.04 linux kernel 4.19 image 2022-3-10 update

boot log: RK3568-Ubuntu20.04-Boot.log (167.3 KB)

::google driver:

::baidu link: pincode: 2b7u


*OpenWRT-21.02 linux kernel 4.19 image, 2022-3-10 update

boot log : RK3568-OpenWRT21.02-Boot.log (57.8 KB)

::google driver:

::baidu link: pincode: 8cxu


*Debian 10 linux kernel 4.19 image, 2022-3-10 update

boot log : RK3568-Debian10-Boot.log (67.0 KB)

::google driver:

::baidu link: pincode: c7pd

Banana Pi BPI-R2 Pro wiki page:

OpenWrt 21.02.x comes with Kernel 5.4, not 4.19. So I guess this is a custom proprietary firmware partially based on OpenWrt, but not OpenWrt 21.02…? In that case, please also advertise it as “OpenWrt-based firmware” or something like that, because official doesn’t support this board yet and that’s the requirement for using the OpenWrt trademark without permission, see also

imho they use this to build. the image:

but i guess they replace kernel from openwrt (if it is 21.04, have not found versioninfo in the repo) with the rockchips vendor-kernel + bpi modifications (in repo /kernel)

Yes, this is based on openwrt-21.02 and it also looks like they are building Linux 5.4 here.

However, even that would only qualify to be called “custom firmware based on OpenWrt” (just like Raspbian is a custom distribution based on Debian).

debian zip file contains a update.img, i tried “mounting” this with losetup and ran partprobe like i did for other images. it looks like there are no partitions in the image. also fdisk do not see any partition table. can this image directly flashed to an sdcard or do i need to change/add anything? can i only write this image using the rockchip-sdcard-tool?

i found a dd way here similar to the process i already know (idbloader+uboot):

but not how to use the update.img…is this only the debian-rootfs? at least i cannot mount it directly

so can you write the image with the tool to get a bootable sdcard and then strip a real image with dd and upload this?

hi Frank-W, after you compiled BPI-R2PRO’s BSP by the script, you got the file “update.img”, it is image for SD boot. it is one very special vendor’s image. we also don’t know the image partition format. So you can’t use “partprobe” and “mount” utility to access it. you can only flash update.img into SD card by vendor’s special SD burning tool.

So could you write the update.img above to sdcard with the tool and dd from it to get a real sd-image? As i have no native windows here (only vm where i already tried - tool aborts after writing a small chunk) and other user will have problems too. Except i can only use my (mainline) way and have then no way to compare functionality.

How to convert openwrt standard image (openwrt-21.02-snapshot-r0-938b4b14d-bananapi-armv8-ext4.img) to update.img ? Is it possible or using is the only way to generate image?

why do you want this propritary format which needs the windows-flash tool?

i guess you want the file which can be used inside openwrt to update only the r/o rootfs?

Yes, I just want to update the r/o rootfs but the sysupgrade giving an error “Firmware upgrade is not implemented for this platform.”

These are different images…you beed sysupgrade image and in running system a way to install it.

This needs to implemented in source (bpi and maybe mainline too),but i’m not deep enough in openwrt.

Please provide password for openwrt with kernel 5.10. Empty password doesn’t work, “bananapi” either. And it’s not mentioned anywhere on wiki.


Had same problem, snooped around github

Apparently creds are user: root pass: 123456


Are there any valid download links to the debian or ubuntu images? The Google Drive links and the Baidu Links posted above are not working anymore.