Assembled R4 case share

I received the R4 case, and I asked BPI provided the extension serial connector cable in my order. So I assembled it like the follows, hope can help someone

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I didn’t see this cable included in BPI’s YouTube tutorial for assembling the case.

This is a brilliant touch from BPI.

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sorry Kvic, I may made the misunderstand. I ordered the extension serial connector cable with R4 case together, it was not the standard accessories of the R4 case.


Can you provide a link to it?

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no link, I asked them drectly when I place the order

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Ahhh. Ok thanks. I’ll make sure to ask on my next order. :slight_smile:

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I guess it is this one (5 pieces):

And then from R3 to FT232RL (5 pieces):

Both from the same store, using the same colors.


Can you give the dimensions of the hole for the connector? Would be interesting for other cases…

Isn’r the hole in the R3 case the same?

possibly, did not thought about it (simply thread my debug cable through it)…this is 5x10

Same here, just some wires through. This definitely look like amore proper way to do it, so I ordered the cables and see if it fits…

Already bought some :slight_smile: thx for the link…then i can check…just need measures for my other diy case…