About the Banana Pi BPI-R2 Pro/BPI-W3/BPI-RK3588/BPI-P2 Pro category

BPI-P2 Pro with RK3308,BPI-R2 Pro with RK3568 ,BPI-W3 and BPI-RK3588 Kit with RK3588

3588? You mean 3568,right,or is the new board you’ve posted the new rk3588…then there are 2 boards here…r2pro with rk3568 and the other with rk3588

maybe categories should be named:

  • mediatek based routers (r2,r64,r3)
  • rockchip based routers (r2pro,…)

yes , R2 Pro with 3568, and the 3588 is a new chip ,power than 3568. . so we also design with 3588 for some module.