Where to buy bit-bip webduino wifi in Europe?

(Tezenas Du Montcel) #1

Hello, could you tell me where to buy your bit-bip webduino wifi in Europe? Your sincerely. Julien

(bpi team) #2

you can buy sample from aliexpress store:


or find our agent list online shop:


or contact our sales:


(Tezenas Du Montcel) #3

Hello, But 45€ is too expessive for Europe! Microbit card if only 19€ in Europe. Do you have a Europeen dealer ? Obviously, there is no reseller in Europe for your bit-Bip card. So, each time you have to pay exorbitant shipping fees that do not allow you to buy your card. Could you find a reseller in Europe who could store several Bit-beep cards in order to lower the transport costs. Your card is the only one to offer the wifi connection, this is what is missing on the microbit card. In addition, your card includes several sensors and actuators and more, which is very good. But unfortunately, your card is inaccessible in Europe, so unusable. Thanks to your kind Help. Julien

(bpi team) #4

you can contact my sale ,maybe have agent at europe have instock ,just send mail to judyhuang@banana-pi.com ask help.