Web interface is in Chinese

(Richard Giroux) #1

I imaged the BDI with the burn tool I downloaded from this website…How do I fix it?

(bpi team) #2

just setting it to english:

select this menu. and setting it to english.

(Richard Giroux) #3

Thanks for the tip but the burning tool is in English, it is the web interface that is in Chinese. Just to be sure, I re-burned the image with the settings a shown in your post.

(bpi team) #4

you download 3.0 version???

(Richard Giroux) #5

That was it. When I upgraded to 3.0, everything was fine.


(bpi team) #6

you are welcome , hope you can share your experience on our forum :wink:

(meg) #7


Sorry to use an old topic, but I have the same problem, and cannot find the latest firmware on the web (the download page seems to be disabled)… is there someone who can help ? Another question about firmware upgrade : is it possible to flash the firmware without a windows PC ? (for example using telnet directly on the Banana Pi) ?

Thanks Meg